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FDI Rim / Wheel Configurator

Why does our Rim / Wheel Configurator considerably improve your commercial success?

First, a real added value is offered to the visitors of your homepage: you show them how the alloy wheels look on their own vehicle before buying them! This makes it much easier for your customer to choose the best looking wheel for his vehicle!

Second, you can immediately inform your Internet customers whether the requested wheels are on stock. You, being an ALCAR business partner, can show your own wheel availability and also integrate the ALCAR availability status.

Third, with your customized configurator in your homepage you additionally can offer fitting tyres for your range of wheels as well. You decide which tyres you want to show!

Finally, your customers can easily order wheels, tyres and other requested products in your existing or future Internet shop.

This is the easiest way of gaining success and providing incomparable customer advice! If you are interested in improving your turnover or increasing your company's customer service then find the frequently asked questions and answers here.

Questions and answers about the usage of the FDI Rim / Wheel Configurator in your Internet site!

Basic information

What are today's services of the Rim / Wheel Configurator?

  1. Approx. 1.000 vehicles series and over 10.000 models available.
  2. Customers are able to order directly from you. “Right from the mounting via the shopping cart to the order form”.
  3. Possibility of different shopping cart expansions directly in the configurator according to your desires.
  4. NEW: Flexible template engine guarantees individual customisation of the configurator's appearance.
  5. NEW: 3D Flash animations of wheels.
  6. ZOOM-function shows the mounted wheel on the car in a bigger view.
  7. Limitation on specific car brands.
  8. Your selling prices can also be shown if wanted.

and much more can be adapted according to your desires by our IT partner fabrique d'images digital media!

What are the advantages for your wheel customers?

  1. The wheel configurator offers a service in your online shop without running from shop to shop.
  2. Supplies you with detailed information about alloy wheels from AEZ / DOTZ / DEZENT / ENZO. The article number of the fitting kitset is shown as well.
  3. Shows the desired car with the most beautiful alloy wheels.
  4. NEW:Filter for wheels mountable without modifications on the car.
  5. The ZOOM-function shows the mounted wheel on car in a bigger view.
  6. Easy change of wheel dimensions right on the screen.
  7. Easy visual comparison of several fitting wheels.
  8. Supplements the AEZ / DOTZ / DEZENT / ENZO fitments with corresponding tyre information.
  9. All AEZ / DOTZ / DEZENT / ENZO wheel information is based on TUV approvals.
  10. All corresponding TUV certificates are available within the configurator.
  11. Additional added value of your customized configurator by individual feature expansion according to your requests:
    easy ordering of articles directly after (virtual) mounting, display of your selling price, etc.

What are the advantages of using the Rim / Wheel Configurator in your Internet site?

  1. Emphasizes your competence as an expert for wheels and tyres.
  2. Creates considerably higher customer contacts and sales due to 24 hours service and additional added value for your customers. The configurator gives you the essential advantage compared to your competitors.
  3. Supplies your customers at any place and any time with all necessary information for prompt (online) ordering.
  4. Individual amendments according to your corporate identity
  5. In case that wheels requested by one of your customers are not available in your stock, ALCAR business partners are able to immediately order those wheels online in our ALCAR Webshop.
  6. Increasing your sales and at the same time gaining more leisure time.

Detailed information

What data does the Rim / Wheel Configurator contain?

The wheel configurator contains all actual alloy wheel designs and dimensions of the ALCAR brands AEZ / DOTZ / DEZENT / ENZO. All necessary TUV certificates are available or in preparation. Also additional information about wheel article numbers, accessory kit numbers and corresponding tyre dimensions are available.

How can the Rim / Wheel Configurator be integrated into your homepage?

The configurator is an independent software. It opens up in a separate window or can be merged with your own Internet site. The implementation of a direct access to your logistics system can be installed together with fabrique d'images digital media by separate ordering. To better accommodate to your needs, we can offer you different installation versions. Ask us to find the ideal version for your success.

Overview License packages

Can you order wheels online as an ALCAR business partner?

Apart from your decision whether you integrate the configurator in your website or not - as an ALCAR business partner, you are able to make real-time online stock inquiries for alloy wheels and KFZ STAHLRAD steel wheels in the ALCAR Webshop of our site. You can directly order online and have all the necessary TUV certificates printed out or saved locally. All you need is a valid login to the ALCAR member's area.

How can the data be kept up-to-date?

In accordance with and by the help of fabrique d'images digital media your database will be updated (or the data will be passed to your IT department for installation) as soon as new data are available within ALCAR and once their suitability has been approved. In addition and free of charge, you will receive annually two comprehensive updates (new TUV wheel car-combinations, new wheel pictures, new car pictures, new wheel article numbers, new wheel dimensions etc.) during the duration of your license. Additional updates during the year may be provided on request from fabrique d'images digital media as far as they are available and proved.

Can you use your company's logo and colours with the configurator?

The flexible template engine empowers your company to include the configurator using your companies corporate identity.

Installation versions, license and additional service

Why and how should you go for a license package? How is the billing done?

For ALCAR partners, licensing is the cheapest way to integrate the configurator in your own Internet sites as an added value for your customers. It is not necessary to buy the software. Nevertheless, you receive regular updates and do not need care about new vehicles and wheels. Updated data are automatically refreshed in your Internet solution and you receive new configurator features very easily. That's best service at best price!

In connection with the 1-year agreement you get all available data of the Rim / Wheel Configurator, the software including design with integrated company logo, service hotline as well as up to two comprehensive free updates. There are no additional charges to the yearly payment and in the license agreement for new data. You do not enter into any further commitments with ALCAR. New data for the wheel configurator will be provided free of charge to you as soon as available and proved on suitability by fabrique d'images digital media. In addition, fabrique d'images digital media provide a technical service hotline for any problems that may occur in connection with the use of the wheel configurator during your contract period.

The minimum duration of the license period is one year. The first possible expiry date is at the earliest 12 months after the beginning of the license period. Shorter time periods than 12 months are not possible. The license prolongs automatically by 12 months provided that the annual agreement is not cancelled in writing 4 months before the expiry.

The license is issued to one enterprise or to one branch office. A transfer of the configurator license to external third parties is not allowed and will lead to compensation claims of the originators and companies involved in the configurator development. Only the transfer of the license to a branch office within the enterprise is exempted from above regulation.

What additional service is offered?

  1. The integration of individual company colors and text amendments
  2. Multilingual appearance
  3. Integration of the templates into existing Internet sites (does not open a separate browser window / “iframe” version)
  4. Integration of links to other Internet sites
  5. Data updates during the year (in addition to the two big update packages) as soon as any new data are available
  6. Other customer requests in connection with the adaptation of the existing site
  7. Integration of additional configurator features (e.g. virtual consultant)
  8. Email support packages: Depending on different license packages we offer additional 10 support inquiries (30 minutes each) with 24 hours response time during the license period.

fabrique d'images digital media will be pleased to provide you offers on additional services and further expansions that you prefer.

Is it possible to integrate Internet shop functions?

Following shop features are available (as additional service):

  1. “Inquiry” The user chooses car, wheel, wheel dimension and tyre size and you will receive an inquiry by e-mail.
  2. “Direct connection to his shop system or logistics/warehouse system” The configurator is prepared for the individual connection to your existing shop or logistics/warehouse system.

Yes, the copyright information needs to be displayed and easily visible to the user. It protects you from any illegal use in other Internet pages.

How long is the lead-time until the wheel configurator is online in your site?

In general you should assume 4 to 6 weeks depending on the technical standard of your equipment. A time schedule is drafted according to the results of a project meeting with fabrique d'images digital media. In addition you have to inform your web company or IT department about this project, as they need to connect your Internet sites to the configurator!

What do you have to do if you want to integrate the wheel configurator into your homepage?

Please directly consult our IT partner:

fabrique d'images digital media
Herbststrasse 4
87435 Kempten/Germany

Contact (please correspond only in German or English)

Available Packages and Prices

You find the available packages and prices here

Test the FDI Rim / Wheel configurator:

Select a Demo in your language and in different looks at the demopage

Take your competitive advantage before the next season and - most important - before others do it! In case of further questions we are glad to be at your disposal anytime you need.

fabrique d'images digital media & your ALCAR team


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