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Technical Documentation for Licensees

The Access to most of the documentation is restricted to licensees.
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ALCAR Configurator

If you are a licensee and have no access yet, contact us here, select “ALCAR Lizenzen” from the Pulldown, and send your request directly to us. (please correspond only in German or English)

How Does Customisation of the ALCAR Alloywheel-Configurator Work?

The configurator is based on a template HTML page, and each information of the configurator will be “filled” into predefined TAGS to completely customize the look (CSS) and layout (HTML), so that it fits to your websites look.

You decide where and how the different modules are included.

Example: "Mounting Wheels on the Car":

  • in a popuplayer
  • in a floating layer or
  • on a central place..

depends where you add the TAG {FDI_CARVIEW} in the template, which is replaced automatically with the “Carpicture with mounted wheels” object.

  • You decide which informations should be shown, and which informations should be hidden and customize the text and headlines to your needs.
  • View onto the Wheels “DESIGN-BASED” (one wheelpicture per design) or “ARTICLE-BASED” (one wheelpicture per article)
  • Central “Technical info” View or directly next to the wheel.
  • Show Prices and connect directly to your Shoppingcart.
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