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 +====== Documentation ======
 +===== Technical Documentation for Licensees =====
 +The Access to most of the documentation is restricted to licensees.\\
 +Log in and go to the documentation
 +| EEE |EEE{text-align:​left;​border-color:#​cccccc;​background-color:#​fafafa;​}=[[en:​wiki:​alcar:​alloywheelconfigurator:​docs:​configuration|ALCAR Configurator]]
 +If you are a licensee and have no access yet, contact us [[en:​contact|here]],​ select "ALCAR Lizenzen"​ from the Pulldown, and send your request directly to us. (please correspond only in German or English)
 +===== How Does Customisation of the ALCAR Alloywheel-Configurator Work? =====
 +The configurator is based on a template HTML page, and each information of the configurator will be "​filled"​ into predefined TAGS to completely customize the look (CSS) and layout (HTML), so that it fits to your websites look. 
 +You decide where and how the different modules are included.
 +==== Example: "​Mounting Wheels on the Car": ====
 +  * in a popuplayer
 +  * in a floating layer or 
 +  * on a central place.. ​
 +depends where you add the TAG {FDI_CARVIEW} in the template, ​ which is replaced automatically with the "​Carpicture with mounted wheels"​ object.
 +  * You decide which informations should be shown, and which informations should be hidden and customize the text and headlines to your needs.
 +  * View onto the Wheels **"​DESIGN-BASED"​** (one wheelpicture per design) or **"​ARTICLE-BASED"​** (one wheelpicture per article)
 +  * Central "​Technical info" View or directly next to the wheel. ​
 +  * Show Prices and connect directly to your Shoppingcart.
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