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 +<​php>​include '/​homepages/​7/​d193521238/​htdocs/​outofoffice_officeclosedinc_en.php';</​php>​
 +====== Supportrequest ======
 +Action mail
 +Thanks "​Thanks for submitting your data, You will get feedback within 24hours"​
 +hidden "​Supportanfrage"​ "​=Softwaresupport für ein ALCAR Lizenzprodukt"​
 +Fieldset "​Informations about Your Company"​
 +textbox "Name and Location of your Company"​ "​=Company,​ Country"​
 +textbox "Your Name"
 +email   "​Your Email Address"​
 +textbox "Your Phonenumber"​ !
 +fieldset "​Support of an Licensed Product"​
 +static "To assign your supportrequest,​ we need your licensekey."​
 +textbox "​Licensekey"​ !                        ​
 +Fieldset "​Please give us an Description of the Problem"​
 +textarea "​Description"​ "​x10"​ "​=Facts about how to reconstruct the problem, detailed bugdescription.."​
 +file "​Upload Screenshot or PDF"
 +submit "​Send"​
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